Kerry is solutions and detailed oriented. She is dedicated to the best interests of the client and is a delight to work with. Kerry looks to improve process and outcomes and does so with enthusiasm and effectiveness.

~ Marianne O'Leary | Real Estate Consultant


I had the pleasure of working with Kerry during 2012. Right from the beginning she took the initiative in supporting operations, reporting and communications to various stakeholders in a complex corporate structure, and a high growth environment, Kerry executed her role flawlessly. Not only was she skillful at the technical demands of her role, but she demonstrated the ability to develop an understanding for customer needs very quickly and she was able to build trusted relationships effortlessly. Her ability to combine detail level skills and efficient processes, along with her "people" skills was highly valued by myself and many others.

~ Tony Quo Vadis | Expertise in Financial and Operational Leadership


Kerry and I worked together to automate a complicated business process involving millions of dollars of expenses annually. The project was very successful and exceeded expectations largely due to Kerry's detailed grasp of the business, excellent organizational skills and perfect balance of confidence and competence.

~ Evan Symons | President at Symons and Black Design and Development Limited

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